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Actionable Tips for a Better Website: From Code, to UX

  23.12.2016   admin   Blog   No comments

Many people design websites to generate money by including advertisements on their pages, without considering they can be off-putting. If you know how to lay out the ads correctly on

7 Barefoot Tips for Pay-Per-Click Campaign Success

  5.02.2016   admin   Blog   No comments

If you’re planning on creating your own pay-per-click campaign in order to market your business, it’s important you use the right Tips for Pay-Per-Click Campaign Success. While there is no

Barefoot’s Advanced Guide to Content Marketing

  12.01.2016   admin   Blog   No comments

If your business has an online presence, a solid content marketing strategy is a must. Whether you own a small eCommerce site or a large national business, the right content

Specific Local Search Ranking Factors That Are Affecting Your SEO Visibility and how to fix them

  30.03.2016   admin   Blog   No comments

As cumbersome as the local search ranking algorithm might be, it’s important that local businesses grasp and master it in order to keep up with the competition. There are tens

SEO for Authors: a guide to marketing your own work on the internet

  13.11.2015   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Why SEO Matters With traditional book sales dwindling and independent book shops closing in droves, it’s safe to say the days of the printed word on paper may be numbered. Last


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