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Like any CMS, Joomla! isn’t perfect. We use WordPress more often, but that doesn’t mean we don’t reserve a special place in our hearts for Joomla! Apparently the name itself comes from a Swahili word meaning ‘altogether’ and that should give you some idea of what you the benefits are.


In many ways it’s the best mid-level solution for developers, looking to build good-looking websites that are simple is enough for clients to manage themselves. As web developers we’re one of the few in Sussex that service and create Joomla websites so, we’re strong advocates of this elegant CMS.

Joomla Development, Brighton, SussexJooma Development is Pretty darn simple

Setting up a clean install of Joomla is probably simpler than WordPress. With only a few clicks it good to go, and that includes migrating content into the CMS as well.

Joomla Offers Multiple templates and themes

Although not as varied as WordPress, Joomla! does offer some pretty fancy themes that allow you to get a great looking website up and running with the minimum of custom coding, if that’s your wish.

Joomla Development is open source

Like WordPress, Joomla! is open source which we like because it coincides with the democratic nature of the Internet itself. Open source means any developer can add to or enhance the basic functionality of CMS. That makes for a continually evolving platform that stays in step with the times.

Used by some top brands

Did you know that eBay uses Joomla? What about Harvard University, Linux, and the Guggenheim? One of the reasons these big institutions choosing Joomla! may be that the architecture is extremely coherent and may even be superior to that of other content management systems.

Joomla has a Vibrant development community

Although much smaller than WordPress, Joomla! community boasts some 200,000 or more users all of whom are rich with ideas, development savvy, and an enthusiasm for chatting on various forums at the pros and cons of their chosen CMS. We are active participants in the Joomla! community and happy to be so.

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