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How do you want your customers to think about you? What atmosphere are you projecting about the nature of your organisation? How do your corporate design assets and messaging convey these essential qualities? If someone who’d never heard of you arrived at your website, what conclusions money draw from the way it looks, its tone of voice, and overall aesthetic?

All of this is the domain of brand identity and, as you can see, it’s worth getting right.

Our Approach to Brand Audits

Many people consider brand audits around the same time as, or just before, a website rebuild. Before the business meeting web designers and developers, and explaining how you want your digital presence to look, to sound process to assess your brand values as a whole, and whether there has been significant investment in this to date.

How brand audits look at certain key factors and offer commentary about how they appear currently, and how they may be improved. Those factors include:

  • Company USPS
  • Tone of voice
  • Demonstrable brand values
  • Corporate identity elements

We will work with you to establish your strengths and weaknesses, define your core USP is in relation to your competition, the liner strategy as closely as possible to your core consumer base.

Preliminary Brand Audits as Part of the web Design Process

in an ideal scenario, we will assess your brand design assets as part of any overall web design project. Even if there is an established company aesthetic, if these assets have been designed several years back it may be that they simply aren’t future proof enough to sit within a contemporary website. We can either update existing assets, remaining true to your current aesthetic of course. The second option we can help you reimagine your brand in preparation for the launch of your new website. This can be beneficial because certain design elements from a logo, for example, can be repeated in banners, site wide illustrations, widgets, or other elements that users will be using as they peruse the website.




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