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As the key asset in your company’s brand identity, a logo must form the cornerstone of any web design project . For many brands, one need only mention the brand name for the memorable image that defines them to appear in our minds. Great design sets the tone for everything that follows it. Our approach to logos follows the same basis that all of our web design work does: we focus on attention to detail, clarity of messaging, and simplicity.

We love designing logos here at Barefoot and, as such, spend a bit of time this afternoon brainstorming amongst ourselves quintessential elements of the great ones.

Our Logo Guidelines

  • Logos should never be overdrawn – we’ve all seen those logos which disappear up their own backsides due to excessive detail. From the right graphic designer’s pen, simple curve of a letter can mean greatness. The simplicity of truly great designs is their biggest strength.
  • Logos should be genuinely unique – alongside simplicity, second goal in our minds when we attempt a new logo is that it should be unique. That doesn’t mean it must be world changing, but that it should be something as a means before, uniqueness and memorability go hand-in-hand.
  • Versatile across a variety of mediums – the right logo a 27-inch screen may not be so wonderful and it’s viewed on a tiny mobile device. One of the payoffs of designing a simple logo is that there is less of a chance of such difficulties but nevertheless, at the point of conception, a good logo designer should consider the range of likely devices that is creation will be viewed upon.

How much do we charge for a website logo?

An average price might be £500-1000, although this varies. This is something we like to take our time on and of course every company has different needs. In general, will offer three design concepts, and three revisions.

If you’re interested in talking with one of our team, do feel free to pick up the phone. Or pop into our central Brighton offices for a cuppa.



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