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Running effective PPC campaigns is a fine art. From a meticulous set up, through to attentive campaign management, Barefoot PPC campaigns focus on finding the lowest possible cost per acquisition for our clients. If you’d like to discuss your PPC strategy with us, come into our office in central Brighton, East Sussex and we’ll discuss things over a cuppa.

PPC Strategy

Our PPC gurus always seek the lowest Cost Per Acquisition for your brand. That means good data crunching, creative Ads, meticulous reporting. We know what’s happening with all of the algorithms at any given time, which means you’ll make more and spend less.

PPC Management Costs

We charge a standard £500 per day for our PPC Management, and we find most campaigns spending less than £5k per month only need one day per month of our time. Simple right?

Pay Per Click Experts in the Heart of Brighton

Pop in to our office in the North Laines at any time to discuss a potential campaign, ask us about our results, or simply to say hello.


Google PPC Campaigns

Successful adwords campaigns can be one of the most satisfying things about working on the internet. Assuming enough people are searching for a product or service, and the margins are there to make your CPC worthwhile, it’s possible to find a sustainable income stream from the web very quickly via Google’s paid search. Our account managers have been running campaigns on Google since the early days of the web, and combine a refined methodology with some inhouse tips and tricks which set our campaigns apart. We write salient, compelling ad copy for you, we’ll split test landing pages, and we’ll track and optimise conversions until your campaign is running as well as humanly possible, thereby maximising your ROI.

Bing PPC Management

With generally lower bids than Google, and a rising market share, we’re huge fans of Bing here at Barefoot. In some cases CTR is better on Bing, there are more ads shown at the top of the page, and you get a dedicated account rep at Bing for a fraction of the spend Google require. All in all  running Bing ads is something we’re excited about and, in any large campaign, we recommend running them concurrently with Google.With a single Bing ad buy, you can reach 162 million unique searchers using Microsoft and Yahoo sites (including Yahoo Search, Bing, and partners), which account for 30% of total search engine share and over 6 billion searches a month.

Facebook Advertising Management

Some marketers are calling this the ‘golden age’ of Facebook advertising. It’s still relatively cheap and, thanks to the extraordinary level of data Facebook has about its user base, it’s possible to target an absurdly precise demographic resulting in superb conversion rates. Although it doesn’t work for every niche, for the right business, Facebook ads can be the single best marketing decision ever taken. It also requires considerably less management time than Google, making it a useful tool for the smaller business. Tricks such as using Facebook offers for lead generation, reaching more fans via the news feed, and supercharging sales with custom audiences are all part of the Barefoot arsenal.

Yandex Ad Management

The Russian search engine Yandex enjoys a whopping 60% market share making it bigger than Google for a substantial percentage of the planet. With its ability to recognise the Russian inflection in search queries, Yandex also operates in Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.We’ve been running Yandex campaigns since the early days,offering key word and ad copy creation/translation, localization of existing campaigns and ongoing optimization of campaigns. With a population of 140 million and internet penetration of only 42% (60 mil), Russian search market is growing at a very high pace of 18% and provides great opportunities for companies that are looking to market their products in Russia.

Baidu PPC

China’s Baidu has a market share of around 56%, serving over 600 million Chinese internet users, which makes it the second biggest search engine in the world after Google. For anyone targeting the Chinese market, Baidu is a platform which can’t be overlooked. For Baidu ads, we work with our Hong Kong partners who have the official government issued ID and a translated company license required by the the Chinese authorities. Set up and account management works in a similar way to Google: your Barefoot rep will streamline the whole process for you.

Naver Pay Per Click

Korea’s search engine Naver offers powerful opportunities for businesses targeting the Korean market. Capturing a massive 72% of search ad budgets, it has a huge market share in one of the most important wired economies in Asia. Naver ads also offer a specific mobile network, a content network, a search engine for kids, and their own content network. Here at Barefoot we work with a dedicated account manager in Korea who runs all our Naver ads, offering tight-knit campaigns which perform well both on the Korean and American version of Naver.

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