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Our Google Penalty Removal service will:

Comprehensively analyse your site to discover what’s caused the penalty, focussing on:

  • Domain trust
  • Onpage factors like site speed
  • Well crafted code
  • Tags and Doc type must be valid
  • Proper use of tags
  • Diversity of html elements
  • Well maintained site?

We will next:

  • Remove duplicate content issues
  • Resubmit sitemap based on Panda-friendly site
  • Ten pages of new content of 1000 words each.
  • EDU and GOV Backlinks.
  • A little of our own secret magic.


What exactly is Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird?

If you’re reading this page, the chances are you know what Google Panda is, and you may have been hit by it. For those that don’t, Panda was an important algorithm update after which Google became a good deal more discerning about the results it was promoting in their rankings, and a good deal harsher about the penalties it imposed on those with duplicate content. That’s putting it simply.

We wrote in detail about this issue here.

How can you help?

Here at Barefoot SEO we’ve been literally inundated with requests for help by those businesses and web-masters seeking a solution to a Panda Penalty. And we’re happy to say we can help. Since the first algorithm update, we’ve tested various methods till we’re blue in the face, finally coming up with an advanced strategy which works. Panda, it should be understood, is not a permanent ban, it’s a big tap on the shoulder from Google for you to change the way you’re running your site. Once those changes are made, your rankings will float back up.

Is this service guaranteed?

In our experience, anyone in the SEO industry who offers something guaranteed is either foolhardy or overconfident. This is a fast moving, ever shifting industry. However, we can say with confidence that this strategy works. If you clean up your act and build authoritative content and links, Panda will lie down like a baby….



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