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Most of us already know the sheer power of You Tube as a domain, and as a great SEO link platform. Seomoz recently discussed this in a fantastic video here. For those that missed it, here’s the quick version:


Search Engine Optimization Factors Affecting You Tube Position


  1. Title – Title your video with appropriate keywords and make sure your video delivers! Draw people in with your title and don’t let them down with the content. Make sure you have a call to action!
  2. Description – A link is not an appropriate description. Talk about what your video is about, add a link sure, and write something with real people in mind, not just the search engines.
  3. Tags -Use 10 tags, all keywords, and keep ’em relevant. You Tube’s algorithm is different from Googles, so think about your plurals, and cover all the bases.
  4. Transcription – You Tube’s transcribing feature severely sucks. However, if you transcribe the video and throw the real keywords into the words they come up with, you will rank better. Tried and tested.
  5. Channel Authority – Google is looking for Channels that have authority. Someone that consistently creates awesome video can rank easier than a newbie. So look for an account with good engagement and an authoritative channel.
  6. Delivery – Crap videos don’t rank, at least not in the long term. Cutting corners simply doesn’t work anymore, users don’t like it, and the search engines don’t either. You need to make sure your quality is paramount and if your users are telling you your videos are crap you need to listen and change it up.

As with textual SEO, content is king.

 Engagement – taking it to the next level

Views – In order to rank better, you need views. Get the word out via your site, blogs, social media.

Quality – Not just views but the quality of those views. People need to actually watch the video all the way through. You Tube is monitoring this stuff, and measuring quality as a result. Reader your engagement reports and learn from them. If necessary, re edit your video to improve it.

  • In Bound Links – Essentially, You Tube uses inbound links to videos as a ranking factor. Build quality, niche related links to your You Tube Channel and to the specific video. Remember, awesome video content gets natural links. Add you You Tube Channel from your email, submit press releases etc.
  • Social Shares – Share your video on Facebook page, encourage re-shares, allow Google to pick up on the social signals.
  • Embeds – Another little known ranking factor. Encourage people to embed your video, and you will rank better. NB – make sure the embed function is turned on!
  • Comments – Don’t try to game the system. Google is pretty darn good at figuring our spammy comments these days. Reach out to those that ask questions, and show Google you’ve got a real interactive social following. All good quality signs for Google.
  • Video Responses – Difficult to get but great for Google Love. If you respond to other people’s videos this may prompt others to do the same. Ask friends to make videos for you. And use your own videos as responses to your other videos.
  • Likes and Favourites – Encourage thumbs up and favourites. Great signs of engagement and a valid customer base. Sharing is caring.


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