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Google’s latest update, combined with our own extensive testing here at Barefoot SEO, tells us social media signals are now more important than ever! It is abundantly clear that Google is now factoring in popularity on major social sites as it ascertains what to rank on the organic SERP results. Here are a few pointers to take from this:

(1) Claim your brand name on as many social sites as possible and build followers.

(2) If you don’t have the free time the good folks at have a service which will do this for you. What a time saver!

(3) Building links to your social media sites is now more important than ever.


Further tips arising from Google’s latest update:

(1) Google seems to be getting faster in allowing sites to recover from penalties. If you’ve been Panda slapped, you can be back in the game within a couple of weeks if you know what to do.

(2) Freshness matters – We’ve been saying this for years, along with everyone else, but content matters. Keep writing those blog posts, and think about refreshing or updating some of your old posts to blow a bit of fresh air into those SERP results.

For those who are interested, Google’s full list of the 50 latest changes to it’s algorithm (well, the ones they’re sharing with us, anyway!) can be seen here.



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