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  • Should web designers factor keywords into their design?

    Web design has changed a lot since the early days of the Internet where we used to stuff keywords into our copy with little regard for the overall authenticity of the design. These days, it’s normal to see sites with images only ranking very well, due to the fact Google now takes a much broader look at the sites authority, relevance and credibility. That ...

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  • Barefoot’s 5 Actionable SEO Tips for WordPress Users

    WordPress has been one of the greatest success stories on the internet: it now controls some 66% of the entire CMS market, 18,9 % of the entire web! 31 percent of these users are using the platform on their iOS app, 30 percent on their Android phone, 18 percent on their Android tablet, and 12 percent through the desktop app (1) . What was once the provin...

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  • Using Google’s Cache to Examine your Website’s Onpage SEO

    Many webmasters have yet to discover the hidden power that Google offers via allowing us to see their cache. When auditing a new site, this is one of the standard ways we can get a glimpse of how Google actually sees a site, and what the potential problems may be with on site SEO. As the web gets more and more image-centric, and videos and flash take up mo...

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