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As of 2013, estimates suggest the internet contains 4.32 billion pages plus. We’re living in an age of data-smog and information overload. Our approach to content marketing, here at Barefoot SEO, starts with one important question: what content can we add which is going to add value to the whole internet?

Why serious brands are putting their resources into serious content

The web is groaning with poor content, thin content, purely SEO driven content churned out by ‘article agencies’ in the developing world. It’s time to turn that around and put the reader first. What’s been happening these last few years is akin to every journalist in the world writing purely for the editor, forgetting the actual readership entirely. Good content marketing starts with the reader. We want your company to find growth and audience and we’re not going to do that anymore by cosying up to Google. Rather, we write to the best of our abilities, drawing on imagination and research, innovation and creativity, then we combine that with our knowledge of how to distribute the information on the web. That’s what content marketing is about.

The best writers

Here at Barefoot, we’ve forged relationships with some of the best writers in the business. Guardian journalists, published novelists, serious academics. These are the kind of wordsmiths we need to create cutting edge content which is going to be read. Whatever your industry, we’ve likely got a writer who can help you generate some fantastic prose. After that, our team will push that article far and wide using social media. It’s actually a simple equation, but takes time, a little commitment, and an ability to recognise the value of the long game. Quick wins on Google aren’t going to happen by clever SEO tweaks anymore. This is about building a genuine information portal on your website, and attracting your customers because they’re excited by what you’re saying.

Content Marketing CycleMoving beyond Prose: Video, Infographics & Animation

The younger generation now is interacting with imagery more than ever, with evidence suggesting this may be part of an evolutionary trend away from text altogether. Perhaps that’s still some time away but nevertheless videos, infographics and animation offer a chance to put your message across in exciting new ways. As well as our contacts in journalism and the literary world, we’ve got alliances with superb videographers and filmmakers, animators and graphic designers all of whom work with us to produce visual content that is giving our clients a leading edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our Content Marketing Process

Our methods are simple: after hearing what your goals are, we’ll come back to you with a meticulous plan of action. Content Marketing is now the beating heart of SEO and we’re finding that, as with conventional PR, the process of matching world class journalism with the right audience has becomes the most successful way to help medium and large businesses on the web. Best of all, we’re building a vibrant, creative web, rather than dumbing it down with more articles no one is going to read.



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