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If you’re looking for some of the most effective, cutting-edge social media management services around, you might want to try one of the monthly packages from Barefoot Web. We live and breathe social, and offer a range of services which can help your company utilise the multiple social channels available to maximise the potential of your business online. We offer some of the following services:

Content Writing for Social Media

Social media thrives on shareable (sometimes called viral) content. This is a fancy term for content that captures people’s imagination. Doing this well requires a combination of deep insight about a particular business, awareness of what people get excited about, small pinch of luck, and the discipline to do it regularly and consistently across multiple channels. If you’re too busy running your business to actually factor this in please consider our monthly service that will schedule tweets, upload timely and well thought out pieces to your Facebook page, add messages to Google plus, to name a few of the channels that we work on.

Social Media Marketing

This is a broad term to describe what the process of working social media channels with certain specific goals in mind. Some of these goals may include branding, increase traffic to the website, interacting with core customers, or managing customer service. Social media encompasses this and more these days and our holistic social marketing strategies take a global approach to understanding the social sphere as it pertains to your particular business. We’ll work out a plan of attack, compose a detailed strategy, set ourselves competitive KPIs, and then go out and achieve them. Many brands find that our hard-working, technical approach to social media marketing has helped them make impressive inroads on the social platforms.

Social Media Optimisation

Working multiple social channels requires cohesion, consistency of tone, and a uniformity of brand assets. If you need a competent agency to go in and assess how well you’re running your social channels, and then tweak them to gain the maximum amount of traction possible. Our social media optimisation service might be just for you.


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