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Websites are complicated creatures. Here at Barefoot, we’re often asked to take a look at people’s websites and analyse them for what’s being done right, and what could be improved. From this, a detailed methodology for conducting site audits has evolved. If you ask us to conduct an SEO audit on your site you are going to receive a meticulously compiled document, outlining every possible thing affecting your site performance along with recommendations for improvement. In short, you will have a stand alone document that can help you take your site to the next level, as well as our expertise to guide you through it.

Professional Website Audits

All website audits aren’t the same. We do not simply click a button and generate a a template based version of what’s wrong with your website. Rather, our process involves a senior developer, a range of complex tools, and a lot of time spent analysing all the various aspects of your site which might be impacting performance: indexability, onpage optimization, content, accessibility, site architecture, internal linking, mobile issues, and much more. The end result is a hand written document specific to your own business, offering a lot of insight into what you could do better, what the ramifications of this change might be, and how it should be done.

Website Audit  SEO Benefits

In a recent instance of our work, a website audit resulted in a 70% uptake in traffic for a large multinational company, resulting in several million pounds in increased revenue. Slow load times, duplicate content issues and bad indexability are all problems that can seriously impact Google rankings, and damage your domain authority. In our experience, even well run sites manage to build up a series of low level issues over time which, in combination, can hamper performance. Our recommendation would be to have an annual, or bi-annual audit, simply to keep abreast of possible issues. As with your annual MOT, these things can make all the difference to keeping your vehicle on the road.

Your website auditor will cover areas such as:

  • SEO AnalysisIndexability/Crawlability
  • Keyword Positioning
  • Adwords and Advertising Text/Keywords
  • Website usability and speed
  • Multilingual Content Check and Grammar
  • Link Monitoring, and website and page authority
  • Negative SEO check
  • Competition Report
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Brand Positioning Check

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