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This is a subject were asked about a lot, hence were addressing the subject in this article. The information presented here comes from our experience, conversations with other agencies, as well as some national averages presented on various career websites. Please consider them guidelines rather than definitive. Agencies exist at both ends of the spectrum, and original discrepancies based on levels of earning in various parts of the United Kingdom.

Beginners websites costs

As a small business or a beginner, you may choose to use a freelance web developer who is likely to cost you somewhere between 15 and £50 per hour depending on their experience. Using a freelancer website like up work or people per hour gives you the ability to access web developers working in other countries where the cost of living may be cheaper and hence the wages lower. We’ve used many Eastern European freelancers over the years who have generally been technically well informed, pleasant to work with, and very professional. It’s a matter of luck of course, but there are great people out there and by using Skype communication these days is relatively simple. In addition, payment systems on websites like up work make carrying a freelancer from abroad relatively safe. If you’re not satisfied there is a possibility of a full refund, with no questions asked.

Assuming you’re going for a simple WordPress theme and you have your content relatively well organised, you might be looking at around £500 for your first small website. This considers the purchase of a premium theme, two days of a competent freelance developer’s time, the cost of registering a domain, and a reasonable budget hosting.

Intermediate website costs and prices

If your website is larger than 10 pages, is going to use some premium images and functionality, and needs to have something of a bespoke look about it your costs are likely to rise somewhere between one and £3000. You may use seven days of the developer’s time, require the implementation of various plug-ins, some of which may be premium versions. A simple e-commerce shop for example incorporating will, thus and Sage pay plug-in, with around 20 to 50 products should end up in price of around this level. At the end, will be cross browser checking to consider, the setting up of a site map, the implementation of correct on page search engine optimisation, and the integration of Google analytics.

SME website prices and beyond

Quoting for custom web design is of course like waiting for a custom car. You could get one for 20,000 or 20 million. To keep it within manageable figures however let’s imagine your sizeable e-commerce business wanting a completely bespoke design from a reputable designer, and the website was going to be innovative in every respect. Starting prices such a venture would be £10-£15,000, and this would go up exponentially depending on the size of the business, the level of functionality required, and particularly what level of user experience design was part of the project. Big UX projects these days begin with information architecture, continue to user experience design, and finish with user experience testing. In some cases, this can require months of work, and detailed analysis of consumer behaviour in relation to live test data. Just keep this article within a comprehensible range however we’d imagine that 90% of websites built in the UK last year cost less than £100,000. The remaining 10% needn’t concern the average user, though needless to say this area of the business is where most of the truly ground-breaking work happens. As a world goes progressively digital, the possibility of Internet to shape your experiences ever expanding. We are delighted to be part of the British web design industry, and base prices on market demand, an hourly rate on our part, and and a profit margin that we hope makes us competitive.

How much does the government website cost: https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2010/jul/05/government-websites-costs



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