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Barefoot Web is a Brighton based creative studio of 4 people and a dog called Reggie. We’re based in a building called Vantage Point on the end of New England Road.

Small is Beautiful

We are a small agency and always will be. We like to work on projects which interest us, at a pace which works for everyone. Although web development is considered a fairly technical profession, we prefer to think of ourselves as old fashioned craftsmen, albeit working with computers rather than tools. What results from this are finely-tuned websites and applications which function as they are supposed to. Timeframes are kept to and budgets are kept. Hopefully, we can all go home at the end of the day feeling like we’ve enjoyed what we do and contributed to a better web.

Here to Support You

We see ourselves as a supporting part of your business – which means that, once you hire us, fulfilling your business goals and objectives becomes our mission. This means that our holistic blend of design, development, UX and SEO often overlap. And hopefully it means that you feel supported in creating the website you dreamed of.

Conscious Business Practices

We are part of the conscious business movement, operating on the following principles:

  • Web hosting is carbon neutralised.
  • Robust recycling programs
  • Working towards “green” or “zero-impact” workplace facilities
  • Purchasing renewable and sustainable office supplies






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