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Organic SEO matters

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If you’ve found us by typing in ‘Search Engine Optimisation Organic’, the chances are you know a bit about the game before you’ve even got here. Barefoot SEO have been implementing effective SEO and online marketing strategies since 2003 and have never failed to improve a site’s rankings or get a new site ranking for the first time. We offer a number of SEO services whether you are a small business, multinational or a pure ecommerce site that will assure you the best route to dominating the search engine results. We have a proven track record in B2B, B2C, E-commerce, Lead generation,and branding across varying niches and industries – local, national and international.

The process of SEO


What is SEO? While it’s certainly a complex subject and its exact application is often unique to individual websites, we don’t believe in clouding the issue. Rather we prefer you to be comfortable with the subject and encourage you if possible to learn as much from this site as time permits before contacting us. We can then discuss your site in an informed manner and get down to helping you as quickly as possible. It’s unwise to recommend actions and solutions until you understand a site and its requirements so we normally suggest starting with a detailed analysis. In order to evaluate all the factors involved and build up a detailed strategy that takes into account the business requirements and marketplace we’ll examine your site so we know where to begin. These audits also have the advantage of giving you a full understanding of the issues involved in applying optimisation to your particular site.

Search engine optimisation organic really involves specialised techniques that are applied to enable your website to receive a high search engine ranking especially on google as this search engine dominates over 75% of the market. It is vitally important in Seo Marketing that you choose an seo expert that is primarily an expert in Google Seo. I always tell my customers that is very important before choosing an seo company to first verify what google ranking they have achieved in the past, as this of course will prove their capabilities in web seo.

PPC can get you started

Search engine optimisation organic is the most important way to promote your website and in turn get more leads and customers. It is generally advised that a business needs to have a combination of both organic search engine optimisation as well as pay per click campaign like google adwords. However, in the case of small businesses, funds available for marketing and promoting your website are limited and sometimes businesses need to make a choice between one of the two methods for cost factors. Both are highly effective tools for promoting your business online and getting new customers.

‘Search engine optimisation organic’ costs are usually considerably lower than traditional advertising and in particular when compared with printed marketing such as brochures, leaflets, and magazine advertisements. A few one-off seo costs can result in far more significant results at a fraction of the price. Hence, search engine optimisation should be considered as an important facet in the design of any website from outset. Biz automatically employs search engine optimisation techniques in all the websites we design (as should all professional web designers). As you can read below, many seo techniques are integral to the design of your website and are therefore best implemented during the design phase. However, unless a website is particularly badly constructed, there are often straightforward solutions which can produce positive results very quickly.
At the end of the day, SEO is not complicated, no seo firm has proprietary knowledge that gives them an edge and there is no magic formula that is worth the costs being charged by some of these firms. Tricking search engines into displaying your website is difficult, time consuming and costly – both to your pocket and eventually to your websites traffic. Making your website visible on the internet and search engine friendly is easy. It takes an open and honest approach, an innate knowledge of search engine policies, experience and a little bit of elbow grease. Call us today on 0845 265 8326 to begin your Search engine optimisation organic campaign now!


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