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Find out the secret to a better website the ‘Matt Cutts’ way

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Matt Cutts has a strong background in mathematics and computer science with twin degrees in both subjects from The University of Kentucky. He followed this up with an MS Chapel

Should you use SEO hosting for your business websites?

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SEO Hosting is an acknowledged method in today’s SEO world for constructing site credibility on the web and I feel that if you have multiple domains to tread into, there

Ranking your website higher: Gaining the elusive top Google positions takes hard work, great strategy, and a little magic

  15.08.2012   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Looking for a helpful UK SEO company who can manage your sites position on the web? Have you ever wondered what makes certain web pages come up before others when

Website Positioning Services on all major search engines: Our SEO Services

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Barefoot SEO is dynamic search agency specialising in helping British businesses online strategy. Up to date understand of the Google algorithm Technological know how combined with a real world knowledge

Affiliate Marketing Tips from the Vegas Summit: How to radically increase your existing revenue, without increasing traffic

  14.08.2012   admin   SEO blog   No comments

The Las Vegas Affiliate summit of last month saw some impressive speakers offering ideas at the cutting edge of SEO. One of the talks which impressed us most offered some


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