Olympic Quality Small Business SEO

Olympic Quality Small Business SEO

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The SEO Process

What are the steps in our Small Business Search Engine Optimisation. The first thing we’ll do is look at your website and make sure it’s coded correctly, and contains all the various bells and whistles Google is looking for in a high ranking site. This involves both a detailed technical knowledge, and the ability to keep an ear to the ever changing grapevine of IT and ecommerce. These factors are continually changing as Google struggles to make its search algorithm the most effective it can be, and of course to outflank web spammers who are constantly seeking to promote their websites through unscrupulous methods.


Once we’ve optimised your small business website to make it streamlined as a Ferrari, coding wise, we’ll turn our attention to the content. Once of the principle ways Google determines relevancy for a given website is by examining its content. Say your website is about white golf balls, you’ll need to have a number of mentions of this keyword phrase, ideally underlined in one instance, in italics, and using the ‘strong’ rather than ‘bold’ function. These are all tiny flags drawing the Google robot’s attention to the fact that this phrase is held in some importance and, furthermore, to the fact that your URL will be closely linked to it.

Off Page Factors

The next factor in dominating the Google SERPS for your small business, is to work on the off page factors. Barefoot SEO holds great pride in its extraordinarily diverse network of HIGH PR backlinks, (article marketing sites, video sharing, text-links, comment and forums, and many more too secret to mention) which add immediate authority to our clients sites by association, and which are the mainstay of one of the UK’s most complex and long established SEO platforms. We’re one of the top small business search engine SEO services UK for a reason, and it’s because we get results.

So, bottom line is, if you’re looking for Small Business Search Engine Optimisation internet marketing, either as a small, medium business or sole trader, we’re here to help. Based in Lewes, East Sussex we’re a small but reputable firm who really work to make our clients businesses work for them! We’re reliable, professional, and rapidly becoming one of the most sought after SEO and SME consultants in the UK. Take a look at the SERP positions of our clients are you’ll see why.


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