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Specialist Content Marketing for the Travel Industry: Our Approach

  8.11.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Perhaps no industry so benefits from content marketing as travel And yet, surprisingly few travel companies have recognised the benefits this approach might offer. Just last month ABTA themselves commented

Barefoot’s Content Marketing Guide: All You Need to Know

  7.11.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

No Shortcuts on the web: It’s all about the Content For a long time, SEO companies themselves were responsible for promoting the idea that there were shortcuts to succeeding on

Fifty things you can do right now to improve your site’s SEO: A Barefoot Guide

  27.03.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Up until 2012, the biggest wins in search engine optimization came from what you could automate. As Google began to come down harder on unnatural links, however, the rules of

The Return of Interflora: How did one of the biggest penalties of all time get fixed?

  8.03.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Perhaps more amazing even than Interflora incurring the wrath of Google a few weeks ago has been the speed of their recovery.  Within a fortnight or so of being dropped

Why we recommend new sites begin with PPC: it simply works!

  25.01.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

The one goal of a business is to make money. Those little websites that appear to be selling nothing at all, are selling something. The Internet is full of possibility.


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