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‘If you Want to Be on Bond Street, you’ve got to Pay the Rent’, Or How to Justify SEO to the man upstairs

  20.12.2014   admin   SEO blog   No comments

As the owner of an SEO company, much of my time is spent meeting with people, explaining what SEO is, and convincing clients in favour of a particular course of

Why Moz’s TAGFEE code should be a manifesto for our industry.

  3.12.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Not long ago I came across a post on Moz which explained the notion of TAGFEE. Having never been particularly keen on industry acronyms, I baulked slightly, expecting some kind

The power of Coupons: Danone and partner up to reward loyal customers

  12.11.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Most marketers know that coupons are a golden strategy. Once the province of Sunday newspaper supplements the coupon is no longer an old-fashioned favourite of thrifty housewives, but a cutting

Building Links in boring industries: a.k.a advanced tactics for appearing interested in subjects which send you to sleep

  10.11.2013   admin   SEO blog   No comments

As search experts, our job is increasing relevancy and, for better or worse, that still involves links. But what if we get a client who’s business bores the living hell

The End of Guest Blogging: Matt Cutts finally waves the red flag

  12.02.2014   admin   SEO blog   No comments

Matt Cutt’s unusually titled The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging  (Do you think he meant ‘Decline and Fall?’) hit the headlines this week. Google’s spam warrior launched an all


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